About us

Joseph K. Kyere

Joesupreme is my easy to remember online nickname. Contacts and friends from all backgrounds I am quite sure will easily pronounce and remember Joesupreme!

My given name is Joseph K. Kyere born and bred in Ghana (West Africa) till I migrated to Canada in the late 80’s. I currently reside between Ontario Canada and Accra Ghana.

I have worked in warehousing (shipping, receiving & management), the financial services industry (personal banker) and over 6yrs in Transportation. I owned and operated a tractor trailer servicing some provinces in Canada and most states in the USA. My current passion is pursuing my lifelong dream of writing, marketing and investment businesses that I had always longed to establish.

The last but not the least, I definitely believe in ALL that the Bible teaches about God and the provision of reconciliation with HIM through His son Jesus Christ. That is my faith and mind set. I continually strive to always have a clear conscience in all my dealings. Love thy neighbor as thy self and do unto others as you want others to do unto you.