Five Ways To Acquire Financial Wealth

W.I.I.G.S. (wiigs) is an acronym that denotes the 5 ways to acquire financial wealth. This is my summarization of it and I hope it is simple enough for all to comment.

W. This stands for WORK. We all have to work in order to achieve our financial goals. That is the most important and universal way in this universe to acquire wealth. This is by means of skills and abilities that every human being possesses to contribute to their society so that they earn a living. Be very diligent with this way and you will better your chance of gaining great financial wealth.

I. This stands for INVESTMENT. We have to invest some time, money and resources to propel us in achieving our financial goals. Our investment mixed with work increases the odds yet again. We might not have money or resources, but the truth is we all have some time to invest. How effective are we using the time on our hand?

I. This stands for INHERITANCE. By design we are supposed to leave an inheritance and inherit from our generation. The sad truth is that in reality, circumstances beyond and within our control does not allow that to happen. There are some very fortunate individuals who relish in the toil of their previous generation, mostly others family members. They are just handed down enough wealth needed to build upon for greater wealth. Some fail miserably because they are not conditioned for that kind of responsibility. Those that get an inheritance and mix it with work and investment do even greater things.

G. This stands for GIFTS. A gift of financial wealth that does not match the required effort put into acquiring it. I believe God has a say in every gift. Some people are so endowed with talent, I.Q, tangible and intangibles gifts that place them in a better position for financial wealth. Check yourself and see if you are such a person, because you have a greater responsibility to mankind. To go to the extreme, sometimes my mind takes me to gambling. Someone buys a $2 lottery ticket and ends up winning some crazy amount. This is very rare though and if I may add, those who chase that hope are more hurt than they know. Most jackpot winners don’t handle that gift well and become worse off that they were. We must be prepared with work and investment to shoulder the responsibility of any gift.

S. This stands for STEALING. This is when some people use immoral and illegal ways to achieve their financial goals. Some lie, scam, rob and even kill to increase their financial wealth. Well there are several cases where thieves and murderers use the work and investment principle to increase their wealth substantially. Some are able to leave financial inheritance to their next generation (not always by choice).The excitement and satisfaction from stealing is false because it never stands the moral justice of God. There is always restitution! Obviously you are informed enough to pursue attaining financial wealth the right way.





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