This is my faith! What is yours?

I believe in one personable God. The Creator of anything and everything. (known and unknown).  The universe, the galaxies, space, all the planets, the sun, the moon, stars, the visible and invisible  and any understanding that could ever be understood. I also believe He created a vast amount of powerful spiritual beings (gods) aside from humans and animals. I believe there is a personable devil (one of those created spiritual beings). The devil represents evil, and he has his agents operating in the physical and spiritual world. Just as humans on earth form alliances and divisions, so it is in the spiritual world. I believe the uniqueness of Jesus Christ as the perfect God man (God’s first born Son) who lived once before in the physical. I also believe there are many spirits at work in the order as to which the Father has allowed. The Spirit that represents Him and His first born Son is the Holy Spirit. I also believe there are a physical and or a spiritual Heaven. There must be a physical and spiritual kingdom of God!

Having said all that, I don’t fully understand the totality of God with my small brain. I am still on that journey of understanding whiles I profess what I believe. This is a satisfying journey indeed.

I am still studying to understand the essence and relevance of the major world religions.( Judaism,  Christianity, Islam Baha’i faith, Scientology, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, Taoism, Confucianism, African diasporas & traditional religions,  Aboriginal Indian religions, Paganism, Agnosticism, Atheism ) They all try to get understanding about the human spirit.


I profess to be a Christian and I am yet to understand the variations (denominations) all centered on Jesus Christ. (Catholics, Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptists, SDA, Jehovah witnesses, LDS (Mormons), Apostolic, Pentecostals, Charismatic, and the many variations I might not know yet.)To be honest, I have listened to the whole Bible several times but I can’t say I read and understood it all. From my amateur research of all the faiths in the world I came to an interesting conclusion. Mankind’s biggest issue is SIN. Man’s inability to obey the moral law of his Creator! Does religion ennoble us in the site of God and man? Maybe, at times in the site of men.

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